Agna’s Long, Sexy Toes!

beautiful blonde with long, sexy toes

Sexy Agna from I Love Long Toes has all the right stuff – long legs, slim ankles and a slender figure that just doesn’t quit.  She’s also got slender feet with long, beautiful toes.  Agna’s showing off her breasts, hips and butt by wearing only her thong panties and bra, and while she starts off wearing black stockings, she pulls them off to tease us with her bare and beautiful feet.  Click here to see more of Agna’s soles and toes at I Love Long Toes or click “Continue reading” below for more from this shoot!


Agna shows off her legs, butt and soles here, giving us tantalizing glimpses and more, then lies back on the couch and treats us to some very sexy foot closeups showing off the sides, tops and bottoms of those beautiful feet!


Want to see more of Agna showing off her bare feet and long toes?
Click to visit I Love Long Toes!

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