Barbara in Sexy Patterned Nylons

Here’s beautiful brunette Barbara posing in the kitchen, her dark hair around her shoulders, her dark eyes sparkling and a flirtatious smile on her lips.  She’s wearing patent leather open-toe high heels over patterned green pantyhose, very intriguing!  And then off come the shoes as she poses so that the pattern of the nylons show off the curves of her legs and feet to drive us wild.  Click here to see Barbara’s feet in nylons, heels and bare at Barbara Feet or click below for more from this shoot!


Here’s more of Barbara posing in those sizzling black heels and very sexy nylons as she shows off her slender legs, gives us some great looks at her feet arched in the heels, and in the pics below teases us with her pretty toes encased in patterned nylons!


See Barbara show off her sexy feet in heels, nylons and totally bare –
Click to visit her at Barbara Feet!

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