Carla in White Stilettos


Karla from Stiletto Girl is showing off in white lacy lingerie, stockings held up with a white garter belt and high stiletto heels that arch her feet, and does she love showing off! She’s slender with long, dark hair and curvy legs, and you’ll notice that she holds her legs and feet so we’ll notice just how hot they are – and are they ever! Click to see more of Karla’s sexy feet in high heels at Stiletto Girl or click “Continue reading” below to see more shots from this very sexy shoot!

Sexy brunette in white lingerie and stiletto heels

Carla’s not done with us yet.  She knows how sexy her feet are in those high heels, and she loves showing them off.  She crosses her legs, flexes her calves and lets one of her heels dangle off her foot, hinting at her toes and soles, and gives us foot and leg lovers a thrill as she works those pretty feet in her stilettos!


See Carla rock those white heels and more hot babes in stilettos
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