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  • Pretty Amateur Feet in Flip-Flops

    Posted on by footman-pat

    Here’s an amateur showing off her sexy feet in flip-flops – the common rubber kind.  She’s got polished toenails and is wearing toe rings to set off her pretty toes.  And if you love watching a women dangle her shoes off her feet, you’re gonna love this video – she also gives us a bare sole and toes closeup that’ll drive you wild.  Enjoy!

  • Beautiful Feet in Sexy Sandals

    Posted on by footman-pat

    You know one of my favorite places to watch women show off their feet? Home Shopping Network! That’s right, HSN has some really hot babes showing off their sexy feet – check out this video clip. It’s a little runway strutting with two models in sparkly sandals, and we get a tasty closeup of one of the model’s feet with her pretty blue painted toenails. Enjoy, fellow foot lovers!

  • Sexy and Barefoot in the Pool

    Posted on by SBF

    Here’s Angie Arches enjoying a sunny day by the pool – and in it.  She’s wearing a sexy red bathing suit and nothing else after she kicks off her flip flops and shows off her freshly painted toenails and those smooth soles.  After a little time sunning, Angie gets in the pool, and if you love wet female feet, you’ll love her swimming and walking in the water barefoot.  Click here to watch Angie sun and swim while showing off her bare feet or click “Continue reading” for more from this sunny, sexy foot session!
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  • QVC Foot Model Sally

    Posted on by footman-pat

    You might not think of QVC ads as a great place to see women’s feet, but surprise! They have all sorts of shoes for sale, and they tend to use the same models, which means they have the kind of feet that can make those shoes look great. Sally is a girl-next-door type with blonde hair and sexy toes with pink polish. Here she models a variety of sandals, showing off the tops of her pretty feet and those sexy toes. And there are some great foot flexing closeups.

  • Natalie Shows Off Her Sandals

    Posted on by footman-pat

    Natalie’s back, this time to share her slender, sexy feet in flip-flops.  She’s cute, she’s outdoors in the park, and she’s got red painted toenails, and she talks to us about her sandals, takes one pair off and puts the other on, and as always, the photographer gets plenty of great closeup for us foot lovers!


  • Kate Pumps the Gas in Sandals

    Posted on by footman-pat

    Amateur babe Kate is trying to get her car to start by pumping the gas pedal.  While we can relate to her frustrating, it’s a treat to watch if you love women’s feet in flat sandals that show off the tops of their feet, which I do, and especially since this Kate’s toenails are painted a bright pink, nicely on display in her minimal sandals.  And the jaunty silver bows on the tops of her feet are a nice touch – enjoy!