Charlene in Red Stilettos

sexy babe in red high heel stilettos

Meet Charlene from Stiletto Girl.  She’s showing off her really fine legs in a super short leather mini skirt, and wears a jacket and bra… and very sexy red high heels!  I’ll admit it – Charlene isn’t the most gorgeous woman around, but her legs and smooth in her silky stockings and and her feet are arched and her feet are arched high and simply sensual in her stilettos.  Click here to see more of Charlene in her heels or click below for more of this shoot!


Love those curvy calves, slim ankles and beautiful thighs, and does this chick know how to move those legs?  She surely does!  And her feet in those heels are absolutely tantalizing!


See Charlene and more hot babes in high heels
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