Cute Barefoot Blonde

Beautiful barefoot babe with curly blond hair

Shirley from Noemi’s World is a cutie with blonde curly hair, a slender figure and tan legs and feet.  She’s adorable, upbeat and sexy, and her feet are beautifully groomed with smooth smooth soles and petite toes with painted toenails.  And she’s also feminine and graceful as she shows off her pretty bare feet and oh-so-sexy legs for the camera!  Click to see Shirley barefoot at Noemi’s World or click “Continue reading” below for more pics from this shoot!


Here’s pretty Shirley as she shows off her feet from several more angles.  She sticks out her bare toes, turns her feet to show their sides and soles, then gives us a long, lingering look at her toes followed by showing us the tops of her smooth, sexy feet!


See lots more of Shirley’s sexy bare feet and pretty painted toes!
Click to visit Noemi’s World, where they’re all about sexy female feet

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