Erica’s Sexy Christmas Shoes

Yes, it’s Christmas in June with my favorite busty model, Erica Campbell!  Her Mrs. Santa outfit is as hot as it gets, her red pushup bra barely able to contain her bountiful breasts.  And those red shoes over sexy over-the-knee red and white striped socks are whimsical and very sexy, too.  Pinup Files shows off Erica at her sizzling best, and as hot as her body is (and wow, is it ever!), they don’t ignore her legs, those sexy and fun socks and red shoes.  Click to check out Erica Campbell in all sorts of tempting shoes at Pinup Files or click “Continuing reading” for more pics from this shoot!


Want LOTS of busty, sexy Erica Campbell in high heels and totally barefoot?
Click to see all her shoots at Pinup Files

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