Melanie in White Tennis Shoes

Sexy babe in tennis shoes and ankle socks

Melanie from Only Melanie is a perky, shapely gal-next-door with a great smile who not only poses with her body in her photo shoots – she poses her feet, so they’re always in the action.  Look at her in her sexy tennis whites.  Her she’s showing off her sexy bare legs and cute butt, but she’s always pointing her toes, aiming one sole toward the camera or keeping her feet in their sneakers and ankle socks in a variety of tantalizing poses.  Click here to see more of Melanie in sneakers, high heels or totally barefoot or click below for more from this shoot!


Melanie’s having a blast doing this shoot on a slightly cloudy day.  She flirts with the camera, flexes her feet and ankles, pulls up her skirt, and bends over to show off her panties.  Then she strips out of her skirt while keeping on her sexy tennis shoes!


Want more of Melanie in her white sneakers and ankle socks?
Click to see her at Only Melanie!

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