Noelle in Over-the-Knee Socks

Wow, I’m in love!  Noelle in her striped, over-the-knee socks and her white sneakers in her shorts and crop top is absolutely gorgeous, fresh and sizzling hot.  The socks hug her legs, showing them off as she balances on her skateboard, and her girl-next-door looks and beautiful smile will have you melting in your chair.  And those snug athletic shoes show how petite her feet are even as they conceal her toes from our view.  And then she pulls off the top and shorts, showing off in her panties but keeping on the socks and shoes.  Playboy’s got a winner with Noelle – click here to see more of her!


Here’s some more sexy poses with and without her board, but those sexy socks and tight white sneakers stay on, even as the rest of her clothes come off to reveal her slim, mouthwatering figure and those gorgeous breasts!


See more of stunning Noelle showing off her great legs and sexy feet in socks
Click to see her at Playboy!

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