Page 3 Girl in High Heels

Sexy Summer St Claire in high heels

Meet sexy Page 3 girl Summer St Claire.  This curvy, busty brunette has a sizzling figure barely concealed in her lace panties and bra, gorgeous bare legs and her petite feet are arched by her pale high heels.  Then the bra comes off and Summer poses topless, showing off her tits, feet and legs!  Click here to see Summer St Claire in all sorts of sexy high heels at her own site or click Continue reading for more pics!


And here’s some more of sultry, sizzling Summer showing off her smooth, curvy hips, beautiful legs and pretty feet as she flirts with the camera.  Then she balances on her stilettos, teasing us and driving us wild!  Man, Summer St Claire is one HOT babe!


Her own site offers her barefoot, in bikinis, stiletto heels and lingerie and more –
Click to see Summer St Claire at her own website!

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