Sarah McD Strips Wearing Chunky Heels

Leggy glamour model Sarah McDonald with feet in strappy high heels

Here’s Sarah McDonald sizzling in a tiny bathing suit and high platform shoes with chunky heels.  She’s slim with an elegant figure and smooth hips leading to truly gorgeous legs.  Her high heels are strappy, showing tantalizing glimpses of her feminine feet and arching them just enough.  And then there’s those full breasts…  Click to see lots more of Sarah McDonald’s sexy feet in heels and bare at her own site or click below for more from this shoot!


This beautiful Page 3 girl really knows how to show off her stunning body, long legs and pretty feet – in fact, from her head to her tempting toes, Sarah knows just how to work the camera to make us fall in love… or at least in lust!


See sexy Sarah McDonald in heels, sneakers and totally barefoot
Click here to visit her site!

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