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  • Sliding on Sexy High Heels!

    Posted on by footman-pat

    Check out the sexy high heels this foot babe is trying on! They’re transparent with leather flowers on the, slides so she can slide them on without using her hands, and the heels are slim and high. In these closeups, our barefoot babe with her pale pink toenails slips them on, then walks in them for us and slips them back off. A very sexy shoot, and wow, has this model ever got beautiful feet!

  • Trying on High Heels

    Posted on by footman-pat

    This babe has sexy feet, and she’s out shoe-shopping, one of my favorite spectator sports. In this clip she’s sliding off a pair of high heels, putting on a pair of black patent leather flip flops and then trying on a pair of open-toed slingbacks that show off her sexy polished toes.

  • Sensual Foot Show

    Posted on by footman-pat

    California amateur Joy has small, truly beautiful feet, and she knows just how to use them! She moves them so sensuously, strokes them for us, shows us the soft tops of her feet with her shiny, sexy painted toenails. Then Joy poses to display her smooth, silky soles before she gets more playful with a pair of handcuffs (kinky!). She oils her feet up, runs them up and down a bottle of wine and then just moves them slowly to drive us crazy, letting us see her feet and toes from every angle. What an amazingly sexy foot show!

  • Angie Arches Fun in the Sun

    Posted on by SBF

    Here’s cute and curvy foot model Angie Arches catching some sun by the pool.  She’s wearing a red one-piece bathing suit (there’s a wrap over it, but she takes it off), and once she slips off her flip flops, her pretty feet are totally bare, her fingernails and toenails are painted a matching and very sexy pink.  She shows off her bare toes and soles, spreading her toes for us and giving us plenty of barefoot posing and cleavage – click here to see Angie Arches’ entire foot shoot!
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  • Amateur Milf Paints Her Toenails

    Posted on by footman-pat

    This amateur Milf is doing the last coat of polish on her toenails in these sexy barefoot closeups. She paints them one at a time, the pink polish wet and shiny on each nail as she strokes the polish on with the brush, cleaning the edges and finally showing off her pretty feet with their freshly painted toes.

  • Smooth, Sexy Soles

    Posted on by footman-pat

    Here’s Natasha from Feet Jeans showing off her smooth, very sexy bare feet and shaped toenails with their French pedicure. She’s wearing blue jeans, and her feet are slim, feminine and graceful as the camera shows off her foot tops and smooth soles. And I can’t get enough of those long, elegant toes.  These are definitely beautiful feet worth fantasizing over. Click here to see more of Natasha’s sexy feet at Feet jeans!