Trudy’s Sexy Feet in Pantyhose

Sexy babe's toes in black pantyhose

Sexy European blonde Trudy from Nylon Feet Line takes off her shoes to show off her very pretty feet through sheer black pantyhose.  Her toenails are painted pink and show through the nylons beautifully, and her toes themselves are mouthwatering as they push at the stockings’ black seams.  She flexes her feet and scrunches her toes, sticking her shapely feet right into the camera (lucky camera man!!!), and the closeups are smokin’ hot!  Click to see more of Trudy’s sexy feet at Nylon Feet Line or click “Continue reading” for a few more pics from this set.


Here’s Trudy in her pretty pink dress showing off her pantyhose feet and sexy toes, and giving us glimpses of her long, smooth legs, for Nylon Feet Line, and for a grand finale, she stands up to give us a rear shot and has put her strappy high heels back on.  Yowza!  Click here to see Trudy and lots more sexy foot babes in nylons at Nylon Feet Line!

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